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How Secure Is My Data?

Know Your Stuff® - Home Inventory software was developed by the Insurance Information Institute and is hosted at Amazon.com, using the Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

We take your privacy and security seriously. Your account is password protected, and only you can view it.

For more information regarding security, please visit our How Secure is my data? page.

Where is Know Your Stuff® hosted?

Know Your Stuff® — Home Inventory is completely accessible from anywhere any time in the event of a disaster. We use Amazon Secure Servers to host your data. This information is stored securely on Amazon servers and backed up regularly. For more information please visit our How secure is my data? page.

What if I want to cancel my account and make sure my data is purged?

If you wish to cancel your account, simply login and go to "Administration". Here you will find a section "Cancel". We will maintain your data for 30 days in case you change your mind. After 30 days, your data will be purged for security purposes.

What are KYS files?

"KYS" stands for Know Your Stuff™. If you have used previous Know Your Stuff™ versions, importing this data here is easier than ever.

How much does this cost?

Our Know Your Stuff® software is free, and includes free data storage.

How much online storage do I get with my account?

Storage for Know Your Stuff® is UNLIMITED.

I want to print a copy of my Home Inventory. Will all of my personal and insurance information be displayed?

You can choose what information to display when you print out your inventory. When you choose to View or Print your reports, you will be prompted with three questions prior to generating the report: 1) Include PERSONAL Information on Cover Sheet? 2) Include INSURANCE Information on Cover Sheet? 3) Would you like to include images in the report? Choose the option that best suits your needs to generate your customized report.

Is it safe to store my information online?

Without a doubt. As referenced above, your data is stored on one of the most secure networks in the world—Amazon Secure Storage.